Printech Archives, December 1997: Re: Parts washer for ink trays

Re: Parts washer for ink trays

Jeff Adrian (
15 Dec 97 15:34:12 +0000

The use of a centrifuge is an excellent way to affect both the bottom
line and to improve environmental management of solvent and wipers. As to
finding parts washer trays that are long enough to handle ink trays from 40"
presses, we have not been successful. So we ended up fashioning our own
parts washers to fit, using stainless steel for easy maintainability. You
might consider doing the same, and then your ink trays won't overhang on one
end with the resulting mess.

Robert Gifford wrote:
>This message forwarded on behalf of Neil Kolwey of Colorado

I am working with a printer who would like to invest in a centrifuge to
recover solvent from rags. I also suggested they consider buying a parts
washer for their ink trays, to allow them a good way to reuse the
solvent they recover. Does this suggestion make sense? If so, I need the names
of a few vendors of parts washers suitable for cleaning ink trays from a
40-inch press. Are there some available with filters to extend the useful life
of the solvent?



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