Printech Archives, December 1997: Re: Using Vegetable Ester Washes in Automatic Blanket Washers

Re: Using Vegetable Ester Washes in Automatic Blanket Washers

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 15:01:59 CST

I am forwarding a response received from Susanne Kummerer, of ppm,
a consulting firm in Linz, Austria. I met Susanne
during a visit to Austria earlier this year. Susanne played a key
role in the Subsprint project, which worked with printers in Germany,
Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Ireland to use
vegetable-based cleaning agents (VCAs) in lieu of traditional
organic solvents. Products printed in Austria and Germany must now
use VCAs (rather than organic solvents) for press cleanup to qualify
for use of the "eco-labels" in those countries.

Although most of the project documents are in non-English languages,
there is a "final" project report for Subsprint in English that I
found to be especially informative in describing the difficulties and
eventual success in finding suitable VCA chemistries, and the changes
in cleaning procedures, and associated training, that must accompany
changeover to VCA cleaners.

In my discussions with Susanne, I found it interesting to note
that the switch to VCAs was largely driven by the printing
unions' concerns about health impacts of organic cleaners, rather
than by environmental issues.



Just returned from a conference in Germany I received your message.
VCAs can be used in automatic blanket washers from Heidelberg,
MAN-Roland and others for all offset-printing machines since 1995. If
you are interested you could contact Dr. Kern from Heidelberg
Druckmaschinen AG, Kurfuersten Anlage 52-60, POBox. 10 29 40 Tel. +49
6221 92-0. Of course you can notice me as contact-person for further
infos regarding Subsprint. I hope these informations are helpful.
Best wishes, Susanne



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