Printech Archives, December 1997: Using Vegetable Ester Washes in Automatic Blanket Washers

Using Vegetable Ester Washes in Automatic Blanket Washers

Jim Hadley (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 13:13:14 -0600

Has anyone heard of R&D work on automatic blanket washers that
accomodate vegetable ester washes (close to zero VOC)?

I've talked to a printer in Kansas City that uses a 0.026 lb/gal (less
than 0.5%) VOC wash with the automatic washer that comes with his
Heildleburg sheet-fed press. This washer has two reservoirs and
metering pumps-- one for wash and one for water-- so that first wash can
be applied through the brush-type washer, followed by a water rinse.
Apparently the wash and ink emulsify in the water and are "squeegeed"
off the blanket. As long as the blanket is "substaintially dry" after
washing, no problems with paper tears/jams... are encountered.

Has anyone seen this type of equipment or heard about US blanket washer
manufacturers developing similar equipment? Could it be applied to a
Heidleburg web press?

Jim Hadley, PE



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