Printech Archives, December 1997: Recycling Photographic Chemical Containers

Recycling Photographic Chemical Containers

Rick Hartwig (
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 11:12:18 EST

The Photographic & Imaging Manufacturers Association, Inc. formerly the
National Association of Photographic Manufactures, Inc. (NAPM), and the Hedwin
Coroporation have developed a new pollution prevention program that can assist
printers with re-routing a common waste stream found in print shops. The new
program promotes a simplified pollution prevention opportunity for package

The "Cubitainer Recycling Program" as it is called, provides companies with a
means to recycle the cube type packages which contain such chemistries as film
developer and fixer. Sponsoring manufacturers of such chemistries provide the
customers who participate in the program with the ability to recycle cubes.

The recyclable cube containers provided through the program are designed with
an outer package and a collapsible insert. The outer package of the recyclable
cube containers is made of common corrugated board, while the insert is made
of a flexible, low density polyethylene.

The way the program works is that once the chemistry is exhausted from the
container, the outer package can be seperated from the insert and is able to
be recycled along with other corrugated waste generated by the print shop. The
polyethylene insert itself needs to be triple rinsed and then shipped to the
Hedwin Corporation for recycling.

Currently there are four manufacturers which are sponsoring the Cubitainer
Recycling Program. For further information on how to enroll in this recycling
program, and the sponsoring manufacturers, please fax 607-722-0869 and request
information. Make sure that you provide a return mailing address with your



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