Printech Archives, December 1997: Re: Hearing protection, binderies & music.

Re: Hearing protection, binderies & music.

William Bilkovich (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 20:15:42 -0500

When I travel long distances by plane, I wear a pair of noise cancellation
headphones which can be connected to the stereo system of the plane. The
noise cancellation circuit creates a signal which is 180 degrees out-of
phase to a portion of the noise of the plane interior and another circuit
allows you to listen to the stereo. When I spoke to the company two years
ago they were working on an industrial version. I am sorry I do not have
an address, but the name is Noise Cancellation Technologies, Inc. and they
are in MA somewhere.
Bill Bilkovich

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A printer's bindery department routinely exceeds the OSHA 90db exposure
level. They have implemented a hearing conservation program and require hearing
protection. However, because of the boring, monotonous nature of the work,
the employees are practically demanding that they be allowed to wear music
headphones to make the work bearable. I have identified one brand of
ear-muff style hearing protection/FM radio that limits the headphone volume to 82db.
Is this a viable option to satisfy OSHA and the employees? What have other
companies done to address this issue? All comments would be appreciated.
I am writing an article on hearing protection for an upcoming PIM newsletter
and would like to include information on this common problem. Thanks for your



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