Printech Archives, December 1997: Re: UV varnish odor, Hazardous components

Re: UV varnish odor, Hazardous components

Alexander Ross (
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 13:21:07 EST



David Snyder gave me a copy of an e-mail question that you had received
from the Green and Profitable printing 97 videoconference. The question
was from a Robert Gifford ( He asked me to

1. Reduction of odors: try different photoinintiators is the most obvious as
they contribute greatly to the odor. He can also try higher molecular
weight oligomers/monomers or higher purity versions of the oligomers
and monomers. Both Sartomer and Radcure make high purity versions of
standard oligomers and monomers.

2. UV Hazardous? - As you know, UV is not regulated under RCRA or
any federal or state guidelines, right to know etc. He should check with
his local environmental body though to make sure they don't have some
general guidelines for disposal of any chemicals.

3. HAP's - UV is approx 100 % solids and contains minimal VOC's
(<0.5%) when formulated correctly. However, some formulators will
include VOC's in the formulations to help with process issues. He should
check with the formulator and also read the MSDS to verify if there are
any VOC's or HAPS in the formulation.

Any questions give me a call at 630-226-4200

Simon Whittle



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