Printech Archives, December 1997: UV ink air pollution

UV ink air pollution

Robert Gifford (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 17:29:43 -0500

The following question was sent to the Green and Profitable Printing
97 Videoconference 12/9/97 but was not answered during the broadcast
due to time constraints. A preliminary response from PNEAC is listed
below. If you have additional information or suggestions, please respond.
A collective response will be forwarded to the originator of the question.

A viewer from Kansas asks:

"Are there air pollution concerns from the use UV printing inks?
What are they?
How does one measure pollutant output?"


Ultra-violet (UV) cured inks have no or very low VOC content, so they can
greatly reduce VOC emissions.

A good source of technical
information on UV and electron-beam cured inks is RadTech
International. Radtech's Web site is at

I assume the question re. pollutant output refers to the process used to
calculate emissions. Typically, each state has procedures that must be
used to estimate emissions for purposes of determining the need for a
permit and for annual reporting. Recommended contacts in Kansas include:
Kansas Small Business Envir. Assist. Program, U of KS, 913-897-8510; and
Kansas Dept. of Health & Envir., Office of Poll. Prev., 913-296-6603.



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