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Re: On-site cleaning Shop Towels

Jeff Adrian (
09 Jan 98 08:23:58 +0000


When US EPA visits our facility the last week of January to test solvent
retention in soiled shop towels after solvent recivery via centrifuge,
they will also, for the first time, have an opportunity to view Maratek's
Shop Towel On-site Recovery (STOR) system. This has not been possible till
now due to the fact that EPA apparently has no provision for EPA staff to
visit vendors from outside the U.S. Maratek is a Canadian vendor. The STOR
system they will be viewing is the first installed in this country, at the
Minneapolis StarTribune. Hopefully, they will both be impressed and will
be reassured that this type of system can meet the air emissions concerns
of state regulators, like those you have encountered in Texas.

Anyway, it's a start. We'll keep you posted.

Jeff Adrian
>From: Frank Salat

>I've been fighting this battle for almost 3 years here in Texas re,
>"closed loop" distillation units: there is a logic that says, "closed,
>schmosed, there are NO perfect systems -- therefore, there ARE air emissions (real
>or possible) from such units and some sort of air authorization (permit)
>is required for their use." I'd LOVE to see some sort of (hopefully
>positive) precedent setting resolution. I hope you'll put the verdict on the net!!



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