Printech Archives, December 1997: Re: Alternative for spray plate-back adhesive

Re: Alternative for spray plate-back adhesive

Jim Hadley (
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 17:20:35 -0600

Water based adhesives are available, for instance the 3M spray adhesive
#201 is being tested by a printer here for rebuilding blankets. The 3M
adhesive hotline is 800-362-3550. This subject has been discussed on
the P2tech listserve, its archives can be searched at

Good luck.

Jim Hadley
Small Business Technical Assistance
Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department

> I am looking for a substitute for spray adhesive for preventing plate
> slipping and stretching.
> We are using AGFA's Setprint for about 60% of our work and the mounting
> assembly on our duplicators has proven inadequate for consistent
> registration. The material is .006 thick polyester and the headclamp won't
> hold it well enough. If we punch the plate to run like an aluminum plate,
> the holes tend to stretch too much. Applying spray adhesive to the back of
> the plates has eliminated most of the problem. It can be applied quickly
> and evenly to the plate so it doesn't slow production or negatively affect
> the print quality, but we are concerned about the press operator's exposure
> throughout the day.
> Is there an adequate substitute for the spray, or perhaps a better solution
> to the slipping/stretching problem?



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