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Re: Alternative for spray plate-back adhesive

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Dan Cyr,

I had an EMail forwarded to me from Rick Hartwig from December,
regarding problems with spray glue and registering polyester plates on a
duplicator. One alternative to spray glue I have used is to put several
small dabs of ink under the plate, on the plate cylinder body. The ink can
be cleaned-up during the next make-ready. I found that some ink near the
tail is helpful, however too large a dab would oozes out when the plate
runs under pressure. This tacky ink trick helped, however the plastic tends
to stretch, try not to over tigthen the plate.


Dillon Mooney
Technical Inquiry Desk
Technical Consultant GATF

> I am looking for a substitute for spray adhesive for preventing plate
> slipping and stretching.
> We are using AGFA's Setprint for about 60% of our work and the mounting
> assembly on our duplicators has proven inadequate for consistent
> registration. The material is .006 thick polyester and the headclamp
> won't hold it well enough. If we punch the plate to run like an aluminum
> plate, the holes tend to stretch too much. Applying spray adhesive to
> the back of the plates has eliminated most of the problem. It can be
> applied quickly and evenly to the plate so it doesn't slow production or
> negatively affect the print quality, but we are concerned about the press
> operator's exposure throughout the day.
> Is there an adequate substitute for the spray, or perhaps a better
> solution to the slipping/stretching problem?



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