Printech Archives, November 1997: Regulations affecting Litho printers

Regulations affecting Litho printers

Debra Kramer (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 07:31:06 -0600

The following is a question posted from the PNEAC web site. I am sending this to both Printech and Printreg because it is of technical and regulatory nature. Please excuse cross postings. I will forward responses to the originator.

Deb Kramer

We are interested in learning about the regulations applicable to offset lithography printing company.

1. regulations involving hazardous waste.(disposal of contaminated inks and solvents)

2. VOC's limits

3. What do with silver as fas as keeping it environmentally friendly. (Steps and procedures used)

4. Can you please give us any type of regulatory information on recycling and waste management within an offset company.



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