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Re: Recycling Printer Cartridges

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It just so happens I've been checking this out a little more for a couple
of inquiries received recently.

It seems many businesses providing and serving office equipment are also
refilling, remanufacturing laser toner cartridges. Some do it as part of
the "service" contract on specific units. Some make it easy to get in the
loop by providing a mailing label and packing material to easily return the
empty cartridge and receive a recycled cartridge.

One other thing I learned is that when a new line of printer is
manufactured, the manufacturer is reluctant for refilling, remfg to happen
immediately as they want to make sure all the kinks are out by servicing
the printers with "new" cartridges until they have a good comfort level
coming out of the test phase. At that point, they are willing to look at
refillable, reusable cartridges.

All the info I gathered was relevant to plain printers but not colored
printers. Much may fit for plain paper fax machines as I learned for our

Donna Peterson, Senior Scientist


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