Printech Archives, November 1997: Re: Heatset Web Offset Dryer Smoking

Re: Heatset Web Offset Dryer Smoking

Robert Gifford (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 17:49:09 -0600

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I can think of two reasons for smoking right off the bat, but these
ideas assume that there is an in-line thermal incinerator.

1. A cold start bypass damper may not be operating, or only operating
partially. A good inspection by the maintenance crew should be able to
find out if there is a problem from a mechanical or electrical aspect.

2. Catalyst problems, Low or poisoned. If the press is using a
catalytic oxidizer and the catalyst has broken down, is low, or if
something has poisoned/coated the catalyst, you can get smoking.

If possible, it would probably be a good idea to post the type of
equipment that is causing the trouble. This way other people who use
the same stuff, and who are familiar with it can give first hand
feedback on potential areas to to check on and where to go from there.



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