Printech Archives, November 1997: Re: Methylene chloride roller wash replacement

Re: Methylene chloride roller wash replacement

Susanne Kummerer (
14 Nov 97 10:32:00 +0100

Carol and Rick:
Maybe you have heard that in many cases it is possible to use vegetable cleaning agents (VCAs) instead of organic solvents. The European project SUBSPRINT dealt with this substitution of organic solvents in the printing industry. Although only offset printing was involved in the project I know that the alternative technology also works in other cases e.g. lithography. So why not in your case also. Susbrint was a project funded by the European Commission. 12 European countries were involved. I was manager of the Austrian project. My (additional) Austrian experience is that if you are using chlorinated hydrocarbons or white spirits the easiest way to get rid of these is: first swich to organic solvents with a flashpoint higher than 55(C), next step could be the use of high boiling solvents (flashpoint higher than 100(C) and only then (after a few months-when the printer is used to these kinds of solvents) switch to VCAs.

Also make sure that your rolers are really plan - but I suppose there is some information about this on the web-site. If you are interested in the final report of the project please contact me. (The EU-report is available in English; the Austrian report is available in German)

Susanne Kummerer, Austria

I am looking for possible susbtitute metering roller cleaners that do not
contain methylene chloride and that do not pose any worse health hazards and
that are not damaging to press rollers. I would appreciate any sources that
you can refer me to. Carol G.



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