Printech Archives, November 1997: Heatset Web Offset Dryer Smoking

Heatset Web Offset Dryer Smoking

Debra Kramer (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 07:35:29 -0600

This question was posted from the PNEAC web site. I will forward replies.

Deb Kramer
I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of opacity problems (excessive smoke) from a press dryer. The press is a 4 color web offset press. I don't know the exact width but it doesn't appear to be any larger than 40 inches across the web. I have seve
ral other small printers who have dryers on their presses. I have never seen this problem before. If anyone has could you tell me what was the source of the problem and what was in the smoke (was it made up of primarily water vapor or VOCs)?



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