Printech Archives, November 1997: Re: Methylene chloride roller wash replacement

Re: Methylene chloride roller wash replacement

Jim Hadley (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 10:56:41 -0600

A web press nearby switched from Prisco MRC (60% methylene chloride) to
Anchor Lithkemko's Metering Roller CL-NC at the beginning of this year,
and it is apparently working fine.

According to the MSDS, Metering Roller CL-NC has a flash point of 10 F
(careful!), a boiling range of 185 F to 220 F, and contains 85%-100%
Lacolene, CAS# 64742-89-8. Lacolene shares the same CAS# as VM&Painters
naphtha. This CAS# refers to a 5 to 10 carbon petroleum distillate that
is not hydrotreated, so it may contain small quantities of n-hexane or
benzene, but its still an improvement. Anchor Lithkemko may also use a
slightly higher boiling cut than specified by the CAS#, reducing the
amount of the six carbon compounds present.

I have also heard of people using vegetable ester washes to clean
dampening system rollers. These washes apparently require a water
"rinse" after applying the wash, in order to clean the wash off using
the wipe-up blade. Example vendors include KB Litho Supply in Kansas
City (Tonic-FR), Siebert (BL-7 or Magic 522), Tower Products (LO-VO
series). The vegetable ester based washes usually pose the least
safety, health, and environmental risks.

Jim Hadley, PE

Rick Hartwig wrote:
> This request is via the net stop.
> I will pass along all response to the provider.
> Rick Hartwig
> >>I am looking for possible susbtitute metering roller cleaners that do not
> contain methylene chloride and that do not pose any worse health hazards and
> that are not damaging to press rollers. I would appreciate any sources that
> you can refer me to. Carol G.<<



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