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Re: Methylene chloride roller wash replacement

Jeff Adrian (
11 Nov 97 15:40:51 -0600

Rick and Carol:

The following is my reply to the same question raised earlier on

The reason methylene chloride was helpful in lithography is that it
served as a cleaner for metering rolls on the water fountain side of the press,
and it worked because it dried quickly, did not leave an oily film on the
surface of the solution in the fountain, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, had
sufficient "slip" so as to not grab the wiper being used.

Our substitute is blended by Chemical Marketing Co. in Minneapolis. It is
called "Blanket Wash 92" and contains Lacoline (64742-879-8), Ethanol 200
(64-17-5), and Solv PM (2807-30-9). It has a vapor pressure of 43mmHg,
and a flash point of 45 F. You may contact them at 612-377-1971.

We discovered this us by accident. Originally, this product was selected
as a replacement for Type Cleaner (our restricted use, heavy-duty

I hope this gets you pointed in a useful direction.

Jeff Adrian
The John Roberts Company

>This request is via the net stop.
>I will pass along all response to the provider.
>>>I am looking for possible susbtitute metering roller cleaners that do
not contain methylene chloride and that do not pose any worse health hazards
and that are not damaging to press rollers. I would appreciate any sources
that you can refer me to. Carol G.<<



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