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Re: Haz waste output

Frantz-ENV, George (
Mon, 10 Nov 97 13:49:46 EST

On printing industry emissions and haz/waste inventory issues...

The EPA Use Cluster Analysis is certainly a helpful document, as is the
Sector Notebook. However, the estimated emissions for the printing industry
range somewhere between 101,000 tons per year (tpy) and >800,000 tpy (several
different estimates). It's my feeling that the inventories may be wide of
the mark. If they are based on potential to emit (PtE), as I believe is the
case, they may overstate the case significantly, as most printers are far
below their PtE in actual emissions.

As an approach, you might start with the following...
Of the 70,000 to 100,000 total printing facilities in the US, 80% have fewer
than 20 employees. A significant portion of that 80% (46%, I believe) have
fewer than 5 employees. It's difficult to extrapolate from size of facility
(number of employees) to emissions, but generally, small shops have much
smaller emissions than large ones, OK? A recent study in Massachusetts found
that 72% of 450 printers who enrolled in a voluntary program had actual
emissions of <1tpy.

Many times, but by no means all, small shops may be less knowledgable and
sophisticated in their operations than larger ones. Therefore, they may lag
behind in alcohol replacement. To the extent that's true, you can get some
major emission reductions may cutting or reducing alcohol use.

On hazardous waste issues, there may be some estimates (or real data) on the
number of printers who are large quantity generators (LQGs). It's probably
close to the same list that are major sources of air emissions, i.e., large
plants with several hundred employees. For the most part, printers are
either small quantity generators (SQGs) or conditionally exempt SQGs (CESQG),
with the majority probably falling into the latter group - roughly, it means
they generate less than 27 gal of haz/waste per month.

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