Printech Archives, November 1997: Re: IPA content in fountain solution

Re: IPA content in fountain solution

Robert Gifford (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 11:57:11 -0500


If you have not done so already, I suggest that you investigate the
Printech email discussion list archives and fact sheets available on the
PNEAC web site.

Email questions and answers posted to Printech have been archived, indexed
and hyperlinked. The topics are divided into printing technology with
subdivisions of issues or printing areas. Fountain solution discussions
are indexed at <>

Fact Sheets are also available from the PNEAC web site. These are also
indexed by printing technology. The lithographic fact sheets can be
accessed from <>.

There is a fact sheet describing fountain solutions, including non IPA options and issues. This can be accessed at

I hope these resource are helpful,


> Dear colleagues!
> Is anybody out there to help me in regard to IPA
> (iso-propyl-alcohole) content in litographic fountain solutions.



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