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Re: Press Noise

Robert Gifford (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 12:13:25 -0500

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I'll add I have seen a 2-3 decibel drop by adding accoustic foam above
sheetfed presses and folders. Interestingly, I have seen a 10+ decibel
change on the same folder depending on what paper stock and grain
direction the folds were made. Regarding sound doubling, I was told
sound doubles every 10 decibels not every 3. I'm not the expert on the
subject but have been using 10 in my hearing conservation
presentations and would like to know which one is right? My gut
reaction is areas with 85 decibel readings don't sound twice as loud
as areas with 82 readings.

>This is an interesting question and a challenge to solve. I believe I
>have seen full enclosures used on the delivery end of web presses, most
>notably at Germany's DRUPA. The challenge here will be to maintain
>accessability to the folder itself. While we do not have full enclosures
on our web



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