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Re: Press Noise

Jeff Adrian (
22 Oct 97 08:36:02 -0500

This is an interesting question and a challenge to solve. I believe I
have seen full enclosures used on the delivery end of web presses, most
notably at Germany's DRUPA. The challenge here will be to maintain
accessability to the folder itself. While we do not have full enclosures on our web
presses, our partial enclosures do make a measureable difference. These
partial enclosures have sound absorbing surface materials placed on the inside
of the folder cabinetry. Also, as a second line of noise reduction, we
have installed vertically hung sound aborbent panels (light weight, vinyl
covered foam) in a pattern arrangement across our entire pressroom ceiling.
These panels further reduce noise by about four decibels by addressing the
tendancy of sound to bounce off of hard surfaces (concrete walls and
ceilings). For every three decibel reduction of noise, total noise is cut in
half (sound is measured on a logrithmic scale). While it is always best to
have sound reduction between the equipment and the operators, sometimes
that just isn't possible. However, attacking secondary noise can be
beneificial, as our experience has proven.

I hope this sheds some "sound" on the subject.

>We are one of the most important newspaper in Brazil.
We have a technical group

>to study, how decrease the noise of
>newspaper press folders.We like to
>receive any information about this



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