Printech Archives, October 1997: Promote Vegetable Based Inks as P2

Promote Vegetable Based Inks as P2

Debra Kramer (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 08:19:28 -0500

Below is a question from the PNEAC web site re/ whether or not vegetable
based inks are actually beneficial to the environment.


Boulder County has a pollution prevention program whereby businesses
which implement P2 criteria receive recognition. One of the criteria
for printers is to use at least 50% vegetable based inks. I believe
this criteria was originally established because veg. based are lower
VOC than petroleum based. I understand that recent research shows that
once the ink gets on the paper, volatility is very minimal.
Are there other reasons to keep veg. based inks as a criteria, or this
really not as much of a P2 measure as was previously thought? Any
insight you can offer would be appreciated!



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