Printech Archives, October 1997: Re: IPA Ozone Formation Potential and Delisting

Re: IPA Ozone Formation Potential and Delisting

Debra Kramer (
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 12:20:18 -0500


I think there needs to be some clarification about the Illinois
connection. The agency, some small wide web flexographic printers and
other related experts are investigating the possibility of an exemption
specific to small printers, not delisting IPA in general.

The study/report authored by Rich Trupek of Air Solutions Inc. can
provide additional explanation on the topic.


From: Doreen Monteleone

How can IPA use be encouraged and/or how can it be considered for
delisting by USEPA? This is an especially hot topic in Illinois, but has national
significance for all small flexo printers using IPA.



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