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VOC - 95% Retention

Debra Kramer (
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 07:52:49 -0500

Here's is an inquiry from the PNEAC Q&A section of the web site. AZ newspaper printer.

I am also attaching my response to the originator. Note - my key question to responding to this inquiry was what type of printing are
they doing, flexo? litho?

I will forward responses to the originator.

Deb Kramer
To: Debra Kramer
Subject: VOC - 95% Retention

I am working on an air permit revision. Our local permiting agency is
questioning the 95% retention factor for VOCs in printed newspaper. Can
you provide me with a list of states that have adopted this rule? If
none, do you have a list of newspapers that have successfully used this
information in obtaining an air permit?

Thank you,
What type of printing is it? The regulation is not specific to the
printing, nor the newspaper industry, but to the printing TYPE. If you
are referring to Lithographic printing, there is a federal guideline on
the retention factors, there is no retention factor, that I know of,
established for gravure and flexo printing, although trade associations
are striving for it. This is based on the Batelle Industries study on the retention of oils in litho inks.

Off the top of my head, the following states have adopted the 95%
solvent retention rule for litho:


Some states adopt a somewhat lower
retention factor. If you are looking for rules specific to Tuscon, I
can contact the AZ Clean Air Act Small Business Ombudsman -
Martin Todd Doris on your behalf.



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