Printech Archives, August 1997: Re: Chrome paper

Re: Chrome paper

Vicki Keenan (
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 10:17:04 EDT

According to "Graphically Speaking", a guide to the "working language of
design and printing", chromo paper is "thick paper especially suited to
color printing because of its thick coating",. Also, "Chrome plating" is
a thin layer of chromium applied to an etched gravure cylinder to make it
last longer on the press. "Chrome" is an alternate term for transparency.
And, "Chroma" is the strength of a color as compared to how close it
seems to neutral gray. An ink containing lots of pigment yields a vivid
color having strong chorma. It's also called depth, intensity, purity,
saturation, and strength.
Hope this is helpful.



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