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Re: methylene chloride

Jeff Adrian (
20 Aug 1997 09:43:28 -0500

I am not able to provide you an answer to your first question, but perhaps the
following will be helpful with regard to your second question.

We have already eliminated the use of methylene chloride containing solvent.
The reason methylene chloride was helpful in lithography is that it served as
a cleaner for metering rolls on the water fountain side of the press, and it
worked because it dried quickly, did not leave an oily film on the surface of
the solution in the fountain, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, had sufficient "slip" so
as to not grab the wiper being used.

We discovered this us by accident. Originally, this product was selected as a
replacement for Type Cleaner (our restricted use, heavy-duty cleaner).

Our substitute is blended by Chemical Marketing Co. in Minneapolis. It is
called "Blanket Wash 92" and contains Lacoline (64742-879-8), Ethanol 200
(64-17-5), and Solv PM (2807-30-9). It has a vapor pressure of 43mmHg, and a
flash point of 45 F. You may contact them at 612-377-1971.

As for ordinary blanket cleaning operations, there should be available all
sorts of products that do not contain methylene chloride. Most are blends of
aliphatics and aromatics in approx. 70%-30% mixture respectively.

The EPA Enviro$en$e Web Page will lead you to cleaner solvent substitutes as
developed by the Design for the Environment (DfE) printer's project.
Additional info will be available through the Graphic Arts Technical
Foundation, also reachable through EPA's Enviro$en$e. Finally, contact Ms.
Kelly Clark of the Newspaper Association Of America <>.

I hope this gets you started in the right direction.

Jeff Adrian
The John Roberts Company


1. Is anyone aware of illness reports from employees caused by methylene
chloride exposure in the printing industry? We have a newspaper with a
disgruntled employee claiming methylene chloride poisoning caused by
exposure to blanket/roller wash.

2. Does anyone know of blanket/roller washes or blanket rejuvenators
which previously contained methylene chloride but have been reformulated
by the manufacturer and do not presently contain methylene chloride.

Thanks for the help!

Donald A. Hensel, CIH



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