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Re: Chrome paper

Jeff Adrian (
18 Aug 1997 08:04:35 -0500

I believe the term "chrome paper" refers to a grade of printing paper that
displays an ulta high gloss. The process was first developed by Champion
paper, and it involves taking a coated sheet in roll form and cast-coating the
sheet against a highly polished chrome plated heated cylinder under some
tension. This cylinder imparts an almost mirror like smoothness and high
degree of shine not otherwise obtainable. Champion was not the only mill to
produce "Chromekote" as it was called. Other mills, such as S.D. Warren paper
in Westbrook, ME produceds a similar sheet. It was fashionable to use this
stock for the cover of prestigious printed pieces, such as annual reports. I'm
not certain whether this process is still being used today, but a check with a
local paper merchant should answer that question.

I hope this answers your question.

Jeff Adrian, The John Roberts Company



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