Printech Archives, August 1997: Re: Reuse of Dewatered Ink Solids

Re: Reuse of Dewatered Ink Solids

Frantz-ENV, George (
Thu, 7 Aug 97 11:29:15 EDT

Deb's answer is typically thorough. One item it points up is something I
believe needs some regulatory review, i.e., ink waste recycling. The issue
of ink companies being unwilling to take back ink waste, cans (etc.) is long-
standing, and effectively has prevented us from finding any good options for
disposal of ink waste, which is oftenm the largest quantity of waste
(hazardous or non-hazardous, depending) a printer generates.

Even the mobile units that pull into your loading dock and recycle on site,
typically producing (out of 12 55-gal drums of ink waste) 10 drums of clean
recycled ink and < 2 drums of hazardous waste for disposal, have seen little
use because of either RCRA or air emission concerns.

If ink recycling were to be granted an exemption from the TSDF requirement,
and mobile recycling units also allowed (with conditions),imagine the
quantity of ink that might be returned to usefulness by reblending. Does
anybody agree? Have any suggestions, ideas?

George Frantz MA/OTA 617-727-3260 x631



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