Printech Archives, July 1997: Vapor Pressure and VOC Emissions

Vapor Pressure and VOC Emissions

Jim Hadley (
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 13:34:33 -0500

Has anyone seen published fugitive emissions measurements that compared
emissions when different blanket washes were used?

I am aware of the ACT emission factor (<10 mm Hg = a 70% VOC reduction);
however, it'd be nice to (semi) quantify the potential benefit of
switching to lower VOC content or vapor pressure washes.

For instance, how much benefit is gained by switching from say xylene
(paint thinner, 8 mm Hg 68 F, 100% VOC) to a 12 carbon naphtha (0.2 mm
Hg, 100% VOC) or to a vegetable ester wash (<0.1 mm Hg, <1% VOC).

Much Obliged,
Jim Hadley



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