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Ink-jet w/ less HAPs

Bob Gifford (
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 13:10:17 -0500

The following messge is being forwarded on behalf of Troy Warton:

This topic is being moved from printreg to printech, since it
discusses technical issues rather than regulatory ones. The
original post which appeared on printreg May 28 and a followup are
included at the end of this message.


Good Morning-My name is Troy Warton and I represent Quad/Tech, the equipment
technology division of Quad/Graphics. At Quad/Tech we have been working on a
product to reduce VOC Emissions for the last 4 years. Quad Graphics started
exploring this process at their Saratoga facility some five years ago and
developed a product called the Solvent Recovery System. This unit was designed
to reduce harmful VOC Emissions and HAP's. Much success was achieved by this
and also we were able to recover the make-up fluid along with the emissions
with the Solvent Recovery System. Quad/Tech filed for and received a patent
in 1996. We are now using this product extensively at Quad Graphics and have
also taken the product and have started selling it to outside printers. I
would need to know which type of printer you are interested in attaching a
Solvent Recovery System to. We currently have available Solvent recovery
Systems for the Videojet 9416 and Domino Jet Array and ELAN models. You
mentioned your application was for ceramic thimbles. This could be a
industrial ink jet application. Please help me with this and I can identify
how we can work together. Thank you. Troy Warton
Quad/Tech 414-246-7540.

> From: "Frantz-ENV, George"

We're working w/ an ink jet printer and trying to find the most beneficial
alternative for inks. The application is sprayed onto ceramic "thimbles." In
trying to do a thorough P2 analysis, the search is on for the most
environmentally friendly inks.

What's the best guidance?



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