Printech Archives, May, 1997: Re: LAER for Flexographic Printing

Re: LAER for Flexographic Printing

Doreen Monteleone (
Tue, 27 May 1997 09:31:07 -0400

It is my understanding that many flexo printers printing on paper board can
use very low VOC inks <1.5 lbs VOCs/gal (well below 25%). In most places
this is adequate to satisfy LAER. However, there are some states that may
still require add-on controls if the press emits over a certain level. It
may not make sense to most people to oxidize water-based inks, yet
requirements like that exist. You need to check what is acceptable to the
state agency.

UV inks are being used more commonly in narrow-web applications. You didn't
mention the size of the press. Is it wide-web? If so, there are VERY few
examples of wide-web, UV applications. However, UV inks will be <5% VOC.

Facilities installing permanent total enclosures are typically larger
operations and are using solvent based inks.

If you need the names of some flexo water-based ink suppliers, let me know.

Doreen M. Monteleone, Ph.D.



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