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Re: Introduction

Robert Gifford (
Fri, 23 May 1997 17:59:23 -0500

This message forwarded on behalf of Todd MacFadden:

Barry --

One of the most essential elements of an effective environmental
management/waste reduction program is strong, top-down support from the
owners or managers. But it is frequently the most overlooked element,
which is why good intentions to improve environmental performance often fall
short of tangible implementation in many shops. From your query, it appears
that you have already nailed down this first step.

So the next step is to develop an environmental management/waste
reduction plan to assess and prioritize your waste streams, and to communicate waste
reduction efforts to employees. It's vital to include employees in this
entire process. Not only will they be more receptive to change, but they
usually can offer valuable, creative input.

Implementation can sometimes be met with resistance from employees
accustomed to a given solvent or procedure which is why it's important
to start with small changes. You want to build incrementally on the success
of the easy waste reduction activities (such as proper inventory control),
gather some momentum before jumping into huge changes (such as switching
to alcohol-free fountain solutions).

Many, many programs throughout the country (including ours) have
developed literature regarding the nuts and bolts of specific changes and how to
make them.



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