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Re: soy based ink information

Robert Gifford (
Thu, 22 May 1997 17:14:13 -0500


The following is being forwarded on behalf of Michelle Carstensen:

Re: soy inks

Unfortunately, there is a lack of standardization in using the SoySeal
logo. These informal standards, established by the ASA, refer only to
the soybean oil component of the ink. This excludes other vegetable
oils that might be present and, it is my understanding, that the
percentage is meant to reflect the oil content of the ink only (NOT
including pigment or resin). These are the recommended percentages:
-black news ink = 40%
-sheetfed ink = 20%
-coldset ink = 30%
-color news ink = 30%
-heatset ink = 7%
-business forms ink = 20%

In my opinion, the use of the Soyseal logo is somewhat misleading,
because it does not explain that, in addition to some small percentage
of soybean oil, the ink can contain significant quantities of
petroleum-derived components. I am hoping that the ASA will reevaluate
its criteria for using the Soyseal logo, especially in light of new 100%
soybean oil inks that will be on the market. Maybe these new inks
should than have a "100% Soybean Oil" logo to distinquish itself from
the SoySeal standards. This, of course, remaines to be seen.

Michelle Carstensen
Institute for Local Self-Reliance



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