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Re: Flocculated ink solids

Debra Kramer (
Wed, 21 May 97 13:51:00 PDT


I do not know of printers who are able to recover the pigments and reuse
them, although WMRC is researching this.

There IS an alternative to landfilling. The TSD that I know is
relatively close to you. Research Oil company in Cincinnati, OH will
take the water based wash-up solution. Flocculate it and burn the solids
in a cement kiln. This is more expensive than landfilling, but certainly
more environmentally preferable. If they are sending large quantities
you can expect to pay somewhere around $1 - $1.50 a gallon, shipping
would be extra. Price is high due to the solids have not BTU value.

I used to use them when I worked at a printing company.

Hope this helps.



From: Marvin Fleischman, Dept. of Chemical Engineering,

A flexographic printer of labels, using water based inks, sends the press
wash-up solution to a flocculater. The flocculated ink solids are
landfilled. Is anyone aware other alternatives, e.g., reuse by an ink
reformulator, cement kiln, other uses?



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