Printech Archives, May, 1997: Re: Ink "Skinning"

Re: Ink "Skinning"

Debra Kramer (
Tue, 20 May 97 08:48:00 PDT

What type of ink are you referring to? Offset (Heatset or Non-Heatset),
Gravure, Screen, or Flexographic?

Are the inks water based or solvent based?
Depending on the type of ink the skins are forming on and the local
regulations will affect the "recommended" disposal method.

When it comes to Offset inks first the lid should be kept on the
container to prevent the skin from forming. There are many offset ink
anti-skin products available that are supplied in aerosol form or an oil
that is poured on top. For water based inks used in screen, flexo, and
Gravure printing the primary thing is to keep the lid on the container.



Does anyone have any comments on ramifications of disposal of the ink
'skin' that forms in ink storage containers? Is there a product to
minimize this problem? We are doing PP advising with commercial print
shops and printers have asked about this. Bob Sorrentino NY Institute of
Technology. Thanks for any info.



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