Printech Archives, May, 1997: Re: Compliance manual

Re: Compliance manual

Frantz, George (
Mon, 19 May 97 10:43:48 EDT

Re: Marc Stoddard and Indiana Printers compliance manual:

Please, before you and your partner rush off to develop another manual for
the industry, check out the "P2 for the Printing Industry", a Manual for
Technical Assistance Providers, recently done ny IL Waste Mgmt & Research
Cntr. This is one of the best manuals I've seen. While it deals primarily
with process and P2 issues, it includes a section on federal reg compliance.
It would be a mistake to go into a new manual w/o checking this one out.

It's missing a section on heatset printing, but that's currently in the works
as an update. Contact Illinois WMRC for addl info

George Frantz MA/OTA



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