Printech Archives, May, 1997: Re: Bottle-top Dispensers for Blanket Washes

Re: Bottle-top Dispensers for Blanket Washes

Debra Kramer (
Wed, 14 May 97 10:45:00 PDT


Below are the names and addresses of safety container manufacturers. For
instance, Justrite (Co) manufactures self closing dispensing bottles from
4-32 oz. bottles or you can purchase plunger cans which are available in
1 qt to 2 gallon containers. These companies may be able to supply you
with just the screw on dispenser you are looking for.

Lab Safety supplies Justrite brand products. They are constructed of
polyethylene or terne. The bottles range in cost from $25-33 and the
plunger cans run from $42-49 for tern cans and $34-39 for polyethylene

Justrite's (located in Des Plaines, IL) telephone number is 800/798-9250
or FAX 800/488-5877

Safe-T-Way Manufacturer
950 S. Ellsworth
Salem, OH 44460


I am looking for vendors of low-cost bottle-top dispensers
(alternatively called hand pumps, metering dispensers, etc) that can be
inserted and screwed into typical blanket wash supply bottles (such as
1-gallon bottles with 30-40 mm caps). These help avoid spills from
pouring solvents onto rags or into squirt bottles-- or dipping rags into
open cans. The only models I have been able to find that are resistant
to typical wash materials and non-sparking are $200-$300 chemistry lab
models with unnecessary dispensing accuracy.

Does anyone have vendor suggestions? (I have found low-cost
pumps for 5 gallon cans and larger but not for 1-gal bottles. Some
blanket-wash suppliers may supply these with their products.)

Jim Hadley



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