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Re: Low-VOC, fast-drying blanket wash

Jeff Adrian (
2 May 1997 09:06:30 -0500

Prior to implementation day of the change in work practices, I visited with every press
person to get their input,discuss their concerns, and give them an explanation why we
were making the change. All employees want to know 1) why the change is needed, and
2) what part they are to play in making the change happen. In my experience, failure
to cover these points adequately will almost surely cause the program to fail.

Items addressed should inlcude:
1) An explanation why the change is necessary, and the benefits to be derived
2) The precise instructions (Step 1-2-3), but also "Critical Points", the kind
of things that are often left unsaid (or assumed) whose absence will provide
the "seed" for failure. In this case, we took the trouble to describe what the
new solvent would look like, smell like, an feel like.
3) A Q&A sheet of the questions that had already come up, and ones that we
anticipated would come up. For example: Will this new procedure affect my
productivity? Will this affect my compensation? This is a real concern that
deserves to be answered...UP FRONT!

By taking care up front, our changeover went without a hitch. No employees
balking after implementation has been attempted. Time invested really pays

I hope this gives you some ideas.

Regards, Jeff



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