Printech Archives, May, 1997: Re: Question re/ Ink Containers and Load Wrapping

Re: Question re/ Ink Containers and Load Wrapping

Debra Kramer (
Thu, 01 May 97 11:34:00 PDT


I don't have comparative cost information on the vapor barrier paper
versus film (stretch wrap), but I do know stretch wrap is relatively
cheap and not labor intensive to apply to loads. Stretch wrap is also
recyclable in most areas. Some paper companies have even begun to take
this material from printers.

As far as alternative packaging, some of the ink companies (Alden & Ott,
Van Son) are now providing alternative packages such as tubes, like a
construction caulk tube. The drawback to these packages is that you can
not return the ink to the original container once you dispense it. Also,
I have seen heavy plastic liners in ink cans, but they do not have a
resealable lid of sorts.

Hope this helps.



I have a couple of questions related to offset printing:
1)From a recyclability viewpoint, would it be more feasible to use
plastic wrap instead of coated vapor barrier paper on paper shipments?
Would shrink wrapping be more expensive?

2) Do any ink suppliers provide ink in cans with plastic liners, &
perhaps resealable liners, e.g., zip-lock type bag? This could prevent
direct contact of the ink with the can and make return of the empty can
to the supplier or perhaps for recycle as scrap metal, more feasible.
Also, would a resealable bag reduce skinning of the residual ink or ink
that is saved, along with spraying with an anti-oxidant?
Thank you.
Marvin Fleischman,



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