Printech Archives, May, 1997: Re: Low-VOC, fast-drying blanket wash

Re: Low-VOC, fast-drying blanket wash

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Thu, 1 May 1997 09:38:54 CST

Forwarded from Lew Felleisen of EPA

Date sent: Thu, 01 May 1997 09:11:41 -0400

When evaluating the effectiveness of low voc blanket
washes, or any other process change, all of the comparative cost
impacts should be considered e.g. material, labor, equipment,
amount of material per unit, (or time), heating/air
conditioning, insurance, employee's compensation insurance,
material storage, waste disposal and regulatory compliance.
Only by considering all of the costs will we know the impact
of a change on the bottom line.

> I was wondering if anyone has had success with a quick-drying low
> VOC (less than 4 lb/gal) blanket wash (for a large offset
> lithographic Polychrome press, specifically) and could recommend a
> vendor. The facility has tried Ecolo-Clean 35 (Varn) but found that
> it takes too long to dry and is fairly labor-intensive.
> Thanks.
> --Angelina Zappia



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