Printech Archives, April 1997: Copper in Wastewater

Copper in Wastewater

Doreen Monteleone (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 16:09:07 -0400

A corrogated flexo printer has, on occasion, violated efflent limits for
copper due to high concentrations in their inks (especially the blues and
greens). To combat this problem they have switched to "copper free" inks
which contain lower levels of copper. Although this has helped somewhat,
they are still seeing high levels of copper in their effluent wastewaters
every once in a while.

Could it be possible that the copper is collecting in the drains before
exiting to the city sewer and then coming out at high concentrations when
cleaner solutions are used on the presses and sent down the drains?

I am assuming that the levels of copper going out of the facility greatly
exceed those coming in.

Any ideas?
Doreen M. Monteleone, Ph.D.



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