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Re: Recycled stock

Debra Kramer (
Thu, 27 Mar 97 08:05:00 PST


Thanks for your comments. Based on my background in printing you bring
up a very good point about the variability of the paper quality from one
batch (and/or mill) to another.

I am forwarding your comments on to the Printech listserv.


Debra Kramer

From: Bill Thomas[]

FYI, following is a response I sent ....I have edited
somewhat from the original sent to them, additions are in brackets.

There is no [direct] correlation between recycled fiber content and the
problems the press operator expressed.

The problems he indicated, assuming the root cause was the paper, were
inherent in the *quality* of the *specific* paper(s) he has had
experience with. His problems are not due to recycled fiber content, but
rather [due to] the grade and/or quality of the sheet(s) he has run.

As with all virgin fiber papers recycled papers will vary greatly in
quality, printability, and fiber formation depending on the mill and each
specific sheet [(brand/grade)] of paper. There are many high quality
papers available with recycled content. This press operator's experience
is no reason to avoid specifying recycled content paper.

Thomson - Shore is a high quality book manufacturer. We use about 600
tons of paper per month. The majority of it contains 10% - 85% recovered
fibers of which 10% to 15% is post consumer, coated and uncoated. We have
no [runnability] problems with our paper that are unique to recycled

Bill Thomas, Purchasing Manager



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