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Re: Recycled stock

Debra Kramer (
Wed, 26 Mar 97 08:34:00 PST


Here's the response I sent.

From: Debra Kramer

In regards to your inquiry the dot gain and jamming is affected somewhat
by the paper with recycled content. It all depends on the basis weight
of the paper, whether it is clay coated stock, the post consumer content,
and the recycled content of the paper.

Another critical factor is the moisture content of the paper. If the
printer is not storing their paper stock in a climate controlled area
this may also be a source of the problem. If the paper has too much
moisture it will begin to curl and jam the press. If the paper is too
dry it will cause excessive static build up on the press and also cause
the press to jam.

I would also suggest you contact Kathy Gordon or Julie Allen at the Iowa
Waste Reduction Center:
75 Biology Research Complex
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0185
Kathy and Julie are conducting technical research on printing and
providing assistance to Iowa printers.

Another source for additional information would be one of the paper
companies such as the International Paper Technical Information Center:

Long Meadow Road
Tuxedo, NY 10987
914/577-7307 FAX
Bernadette V. Marasco, Mgr
Will Cote, (environmental)

As far as waterless printing, there are several articles in November
through February editions of Graphic Arts Monthly magazine. They may be
of some assistance. You can also contact the Waterless Printing

P.O. Box 59800
Chicago, IL 60645
312/743-5756 FAX
Arthur LeFebvre, Exec. Director




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