Printech Archives, March 1997: Re: fountain solution alternatives to IPA

Re: fountain solution alternatives to IPA

Jeff Adrian (
21 Mar 1997 08:07:01 -0500

3/21/97 8:01 AM


Typically, we use approximately 4 oz. per gallon of water in mixing our
fountain solutions, and thus even with the Tower AR-1 component, that
calculates out to approximately 3% VOC content "as used" on press. On
reviewing the MSDS for Tower AR-1, there are some listed reportables:
2-Propoxyethanol (2807-30-9) and 2,2,4 Trimethyl-1, 3 Pentanediol
Monolsobutyrate (25265-77-4). The HDP product, Capital-R, has no reportables
and half the VOC content, so mixed down the "as used" on press VOC content
would be approximately 1.5%. I hope this answers your question.

Jeff Adrian
The John Roberts Company



The 15% VOC content you mention, is that calculated "as applied" or mass

Deb Kramer



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