Printech Archives, March 1997: Re: Guidance Re. Reusable Wipers

Re: Guidance Re. Reusable Wipers

Thomas Herod (
Mon, 17 Mar 97 19:31:00 -0500

More on the wiper issue.....

If anyone is interested, another booklet exits for FREE addressing the
solvent-contaminated wiper issue, of particular interest to printers...
"Industrial Wiper Management: Proactive Environmental Management Through
Industrial Drycleaning".

Detaisl all the stuff that members of Uniform & Textile Service
Association (commercial laundries) don't want you to hear.

For instance, the US EPA Office of Water commissioned a "life cycle
assessment" of industrial wipers in the automotive and printing
industries. Report, prepared by Lockheed Energy & Environmental,
concludes that the true environmental impact of disposable wipers versus
reusable, laundered wipers is virtually identical ! Conclusion based on
energy demands, air emission, water discharge, and solid waste burdens
imposed by either variety of wiper.

Lockheed report available from EPA Office of Water. Industrial Wiper
Management booklet available from:

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