Printech Archives, March 1997: Guidance Re. Reusable Wipers

Guidance Re. Reusable Wipers

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 14:56:30 CST

I just received a copy of a report that I thought others might be of
interest to others. The report is called "Reusable Wipers: An
Overview," and was prepared by the Uniform & Textile Service
Association. The report includes three sections:

1. Management Practices for Soiled Reusable Textile Handling
2. Regulatory Status of Reusable Wipers: State by State (includes
copies of letters/memos/fact sheets from each state describing
regulatory status and requirements re. wipers)
3. Potential Liability for Reusable Shop Towels Versus Disposable
Rags Under the Major Environmental Statutes (gives UTSA's
interpretation of how the relative liabilities compare)

The report, in a 3-ring binder, is available from UTSA for $30.

Dave Dunlap
Uniform & Textile Service Association
1300 North 17th Street
Arlington, VA 22209



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