Printech Archives, March 1997: Re: Chemlog

Re: Chemlog

Gary Miller (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 14:48:31 -0600

For a chemistry teacher that just wants to inventory chemicals, the
Windowchem Software folks put out something called "Chemical Inventory
System CIS" TM. It is described in their brochure as a high performance,
networkable database system for tracking chemicals and inventory supplies.
It requires Windows 3.1, 95 or NT A single user price is $299. These folks
have a URL at> I have not tried this software so
I am not endorsing it.

Gary Miller, Director

>Hi: My names is James Peterson . I am a Chemistry Teacher that wants to
>inventory my chemicals. I have started by using Paradox. I heard about
>Chemlog but couldn't find it so I searched the net and found your message
>that said ".... not avalable."
>Has a program surfaced that fill the need that Chemlog apparently filled?



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