Printech Archives, March 1997: Re: Zinc

Re: Zinc

Matt Kaarlela (
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 14:46:17 -0600

Here is something you could investigate as a possible cause. Check your
cooling water and see if it has been treated with a commercial algaecide.
Some of the products used to retard algae build up in cooling water contain
copper and zinc which could be the cause of elevated levels. Good luck.
Matt Kaarlela

>Currently, I am working with a silk screening plant which uses water
>based inks and no solvents during clean up, yet they are discharging
>excess Zinc and Copper into waste water. The Copper is most likely from
>the pigments, but it is a mystery as to the source of the Zinc. The
>majority of the water discharged is used in cooling. I am seeking any
>suggestions as to possible sources of Zinc in fabric printing operations.



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