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Re: Alternative Solvent

Robert Gifford (
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 15:38:29 -0600

This message is being forwarded on behalf of Michelle Carstensen.


There are bio-based solvents commercially available that should work to cut ink
in the application you've mentioned. Biochemical solvents tend to have high
flashpoints,thus not as flammable as traditional solvents, and are safer to have
in the workplace. Here's a couple companies you might contact:

Ag Environmental Solvents
(402) 498-5546
SoyGold solvents, derived from soybean methyl esters

Inland Technologies
(206) 383-1177
Citra-Safe, terpene based solvents

Terpene Technologies
(905) 639-9700
Natrosol line, based on pine-derived terpenes

Purac America
(847) 634-6330
Purasolv, lactic acid based solvents

These are just a few companies marketing bio-based cleaning solvents. I have
more contacts if anyone is interested

Michelle Carstensen
Institute for Local Self-Reliance



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