Printech Archives, March 1997: Re: Alternative Solvent

Re: Alternative Solvent

George Frantz (
Thu, 13 Mar 97 9:27:32 EST

Re: alternative solvent for screen cleaning & shop towels

understand the reluctance of commercial laundries to deal with the solvent
wipers because of the lead frit. One part of the answer would be to ensure
that the wipers are no longer saturated before disposal. In some states,
that would make a big difference in reg status. Centrafuging the towels will
remove virtually all of the solvent and enable its reuse for first-strike
cleaning. Best resource I know on this subject is Jeff Adrian of John
Roberts Co (printers) in Mpls.

Contact him at: (ph) 612-754-4420 (fx) 612-755-0394
email: <>

George Frantz MA/OTA



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